What Healthcare Construction Companies in the U.S. look for when Buying Materials

Reasonable prices, environmental sustainability, and safety are factors that healthcare construction companies in the U.S. look for when buying materials for their projects. Turner Construction Co., McCarthy Building Companies, and Skanska USA Building Inc. are case studies of healthcare construction companies in the U.S. that look for various materials for different reasons when undertaking healthcare projects.

1. Reasonable Prices

  • Healthcare construction companies in the U.S. look for reasonable prices when buying materials for their projects. Costs drive the construction of healthcare facilities in the U.S., and hence construction companies are keen to employ cost-saving techniques.
  • These companies look for less-priced materials for healthcare facility construction to lower the overall costs of construction while maintaining the required quality and safety standards.
  • According to Andrew Quirk, Skanska USA’s director, the construction company is concerned with the increased price of steel from 10% to 18%. The increase is significantly adding to projects’ costs.
  • The increase in prices of fabricated structural metal by 14.8%, milled steel by 13.8%, and milled aluminum by 12.3% in the 2017-2019 period resulted in construction companies unwilling to honor original bid prices.

2. Environmental Sustainability

  • Healthcare construction companies look for environmentally-friendly materials. They prefer buying building materials that reduce the carbon footprint during and after the healthcare facility construction project.
  • These companies focus on reducing construction-related air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • According to Mara Baum, HOK’s sustainable design leader, construction companies can minimize construction-related carbon footprint by reducing steel and concrete during the construction projects.
  • For instance, McCarthy is concerned about sustainability, and hence it prefers green building techniques, including constriction materials in their projects. The company ranks among the top 20 green builders in the U.S., weaving sustainability into their projects.

3. Safety

  • Healthcare construction companies in the U.S. look for materials that will ensure safety and security during material purchasing for their projects.
  • For instance, McCarthy Construction Company focuses on using healthcare facility construction materials that guarantee uninterrupted patient, staff, and visitor safety.
  • McCarthy looks for quality, secure, and safe building materials for healthcare construction projects to ensure that they meet healthcare facility users’ current future needs.
  • Healthcare construction companies look for building materials that meet fire safety standards for use in hospitals’ interior design.
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