Reasons Why the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries are Adopting TikTok’s Platform (With Case Studies)

TikTok is quickly shedding the new-kid-on-the-block status with a rapid increase in its user base over the past year. This has lead to an increasing use of the social platform among pharmaceutical companies. While these are still early days for the healthcare community and pharmaceutical companies, some information about the use of TikTok has been uncovered. Below are three case studies as to how Novartis, Reckitt Benckiser/Mucinex, and Johnson & Johnson have utilized TikTok. Following the case studies are a few reasons why the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are adopting TikTok’s platform.

Case Study: Novartis — Adakveo

Case Study: Mucinex — #ToSickToBeSick

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson — Masking For a Friend

Reaching a Younger Audience: Gen Z

  • Healthcare providers are increasingly looking for ways to communicated with younger audiences and TikTok provides a unique avenue to do so. From nurses to nurse practitioners to medical doctors, they’re increasingly using the social media platform to talk to young users ranging in age from 16-24.
  • Campaigns are easy to set up, and videos can be easily consumed only being seconds-long.
  • Its believed that the younger generation gravitates toward healthcare discussions on TikTok where they’re described as being the “most real, raw, and riveting healthcare interactions” on social media.

Unbranded Influencer Campaigns

  • Unbranded influencer campaigns are currently what holds the greatest potential for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands.
  • These niched experts are often referred to as micro and nano influencers. Unlike traditional influencers, these individuals run the range from healthcare professionals to mom bloggers, from nutritionists to patients. These influencers are seen as being more influential than the traditional social media influencers because they’re viewed as being of higher “quality” and authentic.
  • Because of the above, TikTok is positioned to be an excellent platform for healthcare education.
  • Pharmacists are using TikTok as a means for advocacy and education.
  • As a word of caution, there have been several published instances of healthcare professionals who have provided incorrect information on TikTok or otherwise caused a negative view of their respective professions and the community in general.
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